Gilles Herrada, Ph.D., participated and coached in several workshops and seminars in the field of personal development, which included programs at Landmark Education and the Integral Institute. He worked with the Handel Group Private Coaching as a professional coach.

Previously, Gilles was a research scientist, specialized in molecular neuroscience. He researched at Columbia and Harvard University and in the private sector, and was published in major international science journals.

Gilles is also an independent scholar and a writer (see publications list).


Gilles has now developed a coaching methodology that integrates years of  experience as a coach, Integral philosophy, scientific disciplines such as neuroscience and anthropology, and his training as a research scientist. Human development is his greatest passion.

Gilles grew up in Provence, in the south of France, and currently lives in New York City.

Selected Publications

• Herrada, G. (expected fall 2012) The Missing Myth. New York: SelectBooks.

• Herrada, G.(2011) Science, Depth, and Global Mythos: What is the Place of Science in an Integral Culture? Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 6(2): 30-49.

• Herrada, G. The Mysterious Fate of Homosexuality. In Emerging Visions of Women and Men: An Integral Exploration of Sex, Gender and Spirituality, ed. Vanessa Fisher and Sarah Nicholson, SUNY Press (in press).

• Herrada, G. Up and Beyond Gay Pride. In An Integral Approach to Diversity Dynamics: Exploring the Maturation of Diversity Theory and Practice, ed. Michael Raffanti and Tony Gregory, SUNY Press (in preparation).

• Barnea B., Strapps W., Herrada G., Berman Y., Ong J., Kloss B., Axel R. and Lee K.J. (2008). The genetic design of signaling cascades to record receptor activation. Proceedings of National Academy of Science, 105: 64-69. (Pr. Richard Axel received the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 2004)

• Herrada G. and Dulac C. (1997). A novel family of putative pheromone receptors in mammals with a topographically organized and sexually dimorphic distribution. Cell, 90: 763-773.


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