Becoming the author of your life

Purpose • What if your life becomes about revealing your inner essence? Even if we are not all acutely aware of it, we all hold a certain sense of purpose, something we could give our life to. Our coaching is designed to (re)awaken this sense of purpose and set up a plan of action consistent with it. As a result, one experiences being alive and joy. Life becomes a creative act, with limitless possibilities and yet profoundly grounded in the reality of every day life contingencies. No resistance, no struggle, you are now the author of your life.

Flow • Our coaching methodology seldom talks about pathologies. Rather it holds the psyche as a creative space. We posit that happiness begins with re-creating ourselves as a space of discovery and growth. As adults, we tend to think that who we are is more or less fixed for the rest of our lives; but inevitably, life teaches us; then we learn; and sometimes, we change. Our coaching starts from the premise that all human beings are naturally designed to grow, not only during childhood and early adulthood but throughout their whole existence. Our coaching is designed to reignite this natural tendency to expand beyond our current boundaries.

• Inner Freedom • Many of our limitations results from the fact that we are trapped in a world of assumptions about life, about the people in our lives, and particularly about ourselves. We inhabit a world of beliefs and habits  acquired over the years - most of them inherited from our culture - that we rarely reevaluate as adults. Our coaching aims at reexamining these beliefs and habits one after the other so that one can experience being free again.

Self awareness • Coaching helps you become aware of the mental mechanisms that we, human beings, all have in common. However, despite their common psychological design, people find themselves at different points of their own personal evolution. There is no unique coaching formula “good for all,” but only an overall intention adapted to the specific needs and current skills of each one of our clients. Regarding sexual orientation and gender identity specifically, please visit our Special Issues page.

Authenticity • When who you are and what you do is a true expression of your deeper self, people want to be like you, be around you, work with you, and so forth. When that happens, you experience power at an entirely new level. You no longer need to convince people, instead you naturally inspire them.

Holistic ... • It is essential to develop a healthy self/ego. But one cannot expand the mind while ignoring the body. Health, fitness, and nutrition are as important as wealth, knowledge, and love to ensure one’s well being, satisfaction, and happiness.

• ... and Integral • Our coaching methodology posits that for individuals to grow requires a balanced and pluralistic approach of their development: it must take into account mind and body, but also the (sub)culture(s) they come from and live in, the relationships they are involved in, and the communities they belong to. In other words, human development must be addressed not only holistically, but also within context, that is, integrally.

Relating • Relationships are key to a happy life. But we don’t have meaningful relationships only with our parents, family, friends, co-workers, and so forth. We also have meaningful relationships with the various communities we belong to or try to escape from. The same is true for our relationship with life and the world at large, what we commonly call spirituality or wisdom.

(see our Special Issues page).

  1. Integrity • Integrity is much more than being honest or true to your word. By integrity

we mean inner wholeness. All the pretenses, resignations, lies, secrets, resentments, fears, and unresolved angers that we hold within us tend to fragment our inner space, just like cracks in a vase. Cultivating integrity is the art and willingness of clearing your inner space from all negativeness, so that you become free again. Cultivating integrity is not about being perfect; it is the art of being true. While perfection is impossible, integrity is the foundation of true happiness.

Once one becomes deeply aware of his/her basic needs, one can grow beyond those needs. Life is no longer only about fulfilling those basic needs. Life becomes about fulfilling your deepest aspirations. Life becomes a creation, your creation.

Our coaching is designed to take you on this path.


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