Individual & family coaching on sexual orientation, sexual/gender identity, and LGBT issues in general

Gilles Herrada is an expert on sexual orientation and gender related issues. Gay himself, he has written extensively on this topic (see Two chapters on the history of homosexuality and the development of
homosexual identity respectively will soon be published in two separate anthologies at SUNY press (see publications list).
Notwithstanding this, it is essential to approach those issues from the perspectives of all the parties involved, that of the gay, lesbian, or transgender person, but also that of his/her relatives, when they experience difficulties acknowledging, understanding, and/or accepting the reality of another. Gilles Herrada is able to offer a balanced approach, respectful of all people involved.
This requires a deep understanding of the mechanisms that trigger anti-homosexual and anti-transgender feelings among people, even between people that are emotionally very close, and even among highly educated and otherwise loving families. We provide coaching to individuals and families, including child-parent conflict resolution, coming out issues, and any other issue related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Our intention is to help all parties communicate authentically and grow on their respective paths, so that eventually love can be present and expressed freely again.

Spirituality as part of normal human development

We are particularly interested and competent in spiritual matters. In our view, any psychological model, be it for the purpose of life coaching or psychotherapy, that fails to integrate spirituality in its various forms (religious views
including atheism, faith, spiritual practices, mystical experiences, and so forth) is deemed incomplete for it excludes an essential aspect of the human experience. Most psychological models (with the notable exception of the Integral approach) focus their interest on people’s relationships to their parents, family, and social environment but ignore people’s relationship to the universe, life, and existence in general. People’s relationship to the “cosmos” can take many forms: faith in God, scientific theories, or both, spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer, a set of religious beliefs, observance of particular rituals, the list is long. Not only can’t spiritual matters be set aside easily, but they also constitute a space and source of growth. Just like any relationship, people’s spirituality evolves and deepen throughout their lives.
And sometimes, problems occur, such as a religious conflict or spiritual crisis. A coach that understands spiritual matters can help you go through these transitional times, providing skillful support and a safe space for an intimate dialogue.

As a scientist, independent scholar, and life coach, Gilles Herrada has deeply reflected on these issues and recently published his first article on this subject in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practices (see reprint here: Herrada 2011.pdf)


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Life coaching & mentoring
Gilles Herrada, PhD.

Gilles Herrada, PhD, offers life coaching for individuals, couples, and families. Gilles’s coaching is adjusted to the specific needs, goals, and capacities of each one of our clients. It is commonly done via phone or skype (also available in person).

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