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H. D., Rep in a Surgical Device Company, Raleigh:

    “It really takes a person with pristine listening skills to get into someone else's world and make a difference with them. That is my experience every time I have a conversation with Gilles. He hears something beyond what I share with him and beyond the “drama” of my current situation. He has helped me communicate effectively with people in my life and complete relationships that were not working. In terms of romantic relationship, recently, Gilles helped bring me out of my “fantasy-world.” Through laser-straight coaching, I saw that the man I was interested in was not “emotionally available.” I was able to get really straight with myself and share with that person what I had been thinking which brought he and I so much closer together as friends. I also have a better relationship with my brother, which has created so much peace for me. After every conversation I have with Gilles I am left with a deeper understanding and compassion for myself. This is huge. In fact, I've recently begun to open up a spiritual side of me that was hidden from my view before. The more I speak with Gilles, the greater the connection I feel with myself. My life is enriched by having him in it, and I am so grateful for his amazing high-level coaching.”

A. A., Director of a Financial Investment Company, New York:

    “The work with Gilles has enabled me to be straight in my communications and with myself. Gilles uses a very practical approach so that I can be in action.

I definitively had results.”

M. A., Ph.D. Research Scientist, San Francisco:

    “In a compassionate and endearing manner Gilles effectively works to distinguish what is truly upsetting me, and what I need to move forward. His laser sharp coaching provides clarity, vulnerability, and awareness that have an impact in all areas of my life including relationships with others and with myself. Using Gilles’s coaching, I planned and went on a trip to West Africa that I've always wanted to do, but fear, lack of money and my job were holding me back. We created an empowering context and structure to have this trip happen with ease, even though it seemed impossible at the start. The most valuable outcome of my work with Gilles is the commitment and joy I now have around taking care of my body. I used to be a dancer and I loved being physical. But I stopped dancing once I was pursuing my PhD and was ashamed of my heavy body while I continued to not take care of my body. I never realized how much of an impact this was having on my life! After much work with Gilles I now participate in a variety of physical activities, eat healthy and keep my well-being top priority. I even ran my first 5K race with family and friends.”

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Gilles Herrada, PhD.

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